Indian Railways Train Schedule

Everything Must Be As Per Time

A timetable helps one to work as per a perfect schedule. It gives a better idea for completion of a task in a specified time. Hence, to complete a task, a timetable is almost mandatory. Following the same principle, the Indian Railways also follow a perfect schedule of various trains at a destination as well as the trains which cover various destinations. The train timetable is prepared by the senior officers of the department after considering a number of factors of the train and its connecting routes

The Information:-

Usually, at every railway station, there is a timetable drawn on the wall that provides information about the trains approaching that station. The information it provides include train number, name, time of arrival, time of departure, and fare for various destinations. Nowadays, at major railway stations, one also finds the timetable run on the base of LED lamps and electric circuits. Such timetable provides a better view at night also. The electric timetable provides the name and destinations of the train, train number and arrival as well as departure time. The electric timetable provides information about various trains at a time, and hence it is more useful than other types of timetable.

Online Timetable:-

The also provides online timetable which is very well available on the official website of the railway. The online timetable is a very handy tool to know about any train and its destinations on its different routes. The online timetable needs to punch in the train number or station codes of two different stations. Once the required details are provided, it can display all the information such as train number, name, and date on which train runs, the distance between various stations, fare to various stations from the base station, distance in kilometers, and time to cover various destinations. The best part of online timetable is one can check any train schedule between two different destinations without moving anywhere from his home also. There are many more benefits of the online timetable and therefore the service provided by the Indian Railway timetable has received warm welcome from all the segments of the society

The Benefits:-

The Indian railway timetable has a number of advantages attached with it. There are a number of passengers who can arrange their trips according to the train timings. There are frequent travelers also for whom the railway timetable is much important. For the train as well as the department, the timetable is of immense use as it can depict the efficiency of the staff and the train running as per the specific schedule. It is an important parameter to measure the efficiency of the train and a late running train is considered as a defect in service. However, here late running means regularly late running train. The department can check about such trains and can take corrective measures to make the train run as per its specific schedule provided in advance or prepare a new schedule for the same.